Coffee, Cheese and Wine: 11 Applications for Food and Beverage Sybarites

One of the pleasures of life is a good plate of cheese next to a beer. Or a glass of wine. Or a bar of chocolate. Small sins that many of us enjoy from time to time. Today we bring you a small collection of Android applications so that you have in your mobile one more tool with which to enjoy these delicacies.

Eleven applications for foodies, gourmets, lovers of good food and drink or simply for anyone curious who wants to take advantage of the mobile to know more information about what we have around us. Here you have them and above all, we hope they will help you to know more about food and prepare them in the best way.

Applications for coffee addicts: Baristame and That Brew App

We begin our list with two specialized coffee applications. That drink that helps us wake up in the mornings and to which many of us are almost addicted. Our recommendations are a barista and That Brew App. The first of them more focused on preparing drinks with coffee like a latte, a cappuccino or a mocha. The second is for those who have a coffee maker and like freshly ground coffee, with this application, we will have recipes, quantities and methods of serving coffee.

Applications for cheese lovers: Venissimo and Cheese Quiz

Another delicacy that drives many of us crazy is cheese. Here we have from parmesan, Roquefort, gruyere… the quantity of cheeses is enormous and with applications like Venissimo Cheese, we will be able to find information of many of them, classified by region and type of milk. If you consider yourself an expert, we encourage you to check it out with French Cheese Quiz, an application to demonstrate your knowledge of cheeses.

Applications for brewers: Untappd and Barly

We’re back to drinking, this time beer. We have decided not to include RateBeer because its application for Android is not up to the task, but we do recommend Untappd, a classic social network among all of us who visit breweries. Another option if you want to know details and ratings of each beer is Barly, Beer Finder & Ratings.

Applications for wine lovers: Vivino and Wine-Searcher

From beer to wine. Whether you like white, pink or red, an essential application is Vivino. We will be able to buy, find opinions, point with the camera of the mobile to know details of the wine and to share which we have tasted. Something similar to what Wine Searcher offers, which will allow us to explore an enormous quantity of bottles.

Other applications specialized in food and drink

Fortunately, there is a large number of ingredients that will allow us to make exquisite recipes. Chocolate, avocado, rum… and even water, surely the most precious of all. Here we leave you three more applications that can be very interesting if you like the food of a certain type.

The first is Happy Cow, a guide to vegan restaurants. The second is an app to make your own artisan drinks based on ingredients like beer or apple cider. And finally, a type of application that is very specific but most recommended, a reminder to drink water from time to time. Authentic pillar for a healthy and healthy life.

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