The 10 best Spanish vegan kitchen beads at Instagram

In addition to All Saints Day, November 1 is World Veganism Day, established in 1994 by the British Vegan Society. As is customary in this house, we join the event with various publications. After opening the ban on 13 vegan recipes rich in vegetable proteins to celebrate World Veganism Day, we share with you what, in our opinion, are the 13 best Spanish vegan cooking beads on Instagram.

Surprising for their contents that, in some cases, go beyond the vegan cuisine based on fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, nuts, seeds and spices. Going into the defense for the environment and the fight for the abolition of animal abuse, the 13 best Spanish vegan cooking beads in Instagram are worthy of a visit by you.

1. @veganeando

After five years of being a vegetarian, Miriam Faba wanted to go one step further. Respect for animals made her switch to veganism. On her instagram account she shares her whimsical vegan cuisine with recipes such as the vegan Spanish tortilla or the raw vegan biscuits. He also writes soreb restaurants and his lifestyle based on a connection with nature.

2. Ally Vispo @ally_viamalama

Behind this account we find Ally, passionate about animals, nature and promoter of the #ZeroWaste movement for a world without plastics. In 2014, she began to switch to healthy eating and, naturally, to veganism. In her publications she combines recipes, reflections on caring for the planet and tips for a healthy lifestyle.

3. Bonfire Dance

One of our favorite beads is Fogon Dance in which all publications are recipes. Iosune inspires and provokes at the same time with tasty, healthy, easy and, for the most part, gluten-free preparations. Recipes 100% vegetables portrayed in an impeccable way. He is also responsible for @simpleveganblog where he writes in English.

4. @midietavegana

Marta is a magician. She has a capacity to transform traditional dishes in its vegan version that leaves us amazed. In addition to her instagram account, she also has a YouTube channel. On both platforms she shares gastro content based on a vegan diet and shows her deep respect for this way of life and diet.

5. @soyvegana_jenny

From what we see in her instagram account, Jenny loves to eat (vegan, of course), travel and photograph. Her publications are a mix of all this and through them she engages with her philosophy and lifestyle. She has just published “Vive vegano”, a guide on animal ethics and plant nutrition. His recipes can be found on his blog Mis recetas veganas.

6. vegan @comoservegano

The story of Arantza Muños is curious, inspiring and worthy of being known. Her training as a dietician led her towards veganism and the abolition of specism, as she explains in her blog Cómo ser vegano sin morir en el intento (How to be a vegan without dying in the attempt). The change of diet to a vegan diet in his case helped him in his fight against obesity and eliminated many ailments suffered.

7. healthyvegana

Kate joined the vegan diet thanks to her now husband Brandon, with whom she joined a vegan community in India (although they currently live in Barcelona). Parents of two creatures, they both instill in them their philosophy of life. Author of the book “Vegan Recipes for the Family” and the blog Vegan Health, where you can consult in detail the dishes that she publishes in her instagram account.

8. @reinasyrepollos

Through Queens and Head Cabbages, Jessica and Carla share their vegan recipes. 100% comfort food, such as tomato toast, extra virgin olive oil and sweet zucchini ham. For more incredible ideas like this one, you’ll have to visit them on instagram. You will not regret it.

9. @beginveganbegun

Aida is an Asturian who from her instagram account is getting rid of the idea that vegans only eat lettuce. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just take a quick look at his publications to discover how rich and varied vegan cuisine can be.

10. vegan cuisine @lagloriavegana

Another recipe book in instagram with 100% vegetable, varied and healthy dishes is that of Gloria Carrión: in it we find everything from vegan torrijas to macaroni a la bolognese. Simple and delicious recipes, which she also includes in her blog and book “Easy vegan recipes”. His photographs are very appetizing and in eye-catching tones with dishes also designed for the little ones of the house.

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