The Seven Deadly Sins in Android: Gluttony

Last week we released a new series of articles based on the seven deadly sins and after offering you our selection of lustful apps, this week it is the turn of another sin for which we confess deliciously guilty: gluttony.

Eating much more than a basic need, whether at home or out, alone or accompanied, eating is one of the most pleasurable activities we can do. We all have our fetish foods that we would eat until we burst, for some it is cheese, for others it is chocolate or pizza. There are also those who make food medicine and take care of every last nutrient in their dishes or who understand it as an ethical issue. Whatever your way of understanding food, with these apps you will be able to satisfy the gourmet inside you.

For kitchens

We said that eating is a pleasure, but cooking can also be most rewarding. If you’re one of those who enjoys the process as much as eating, these apps are for you:


Cookpad is a different recipe app. Instead of including recipes from famous chefs or a database, this app is a kind of social network where participants share their creations with the community. It has a search engine to find recipes and a list of trends with the most popular dishes.

Cooking Channel

The favorite channel of kitchen lovers has app and is one of the most comfortable we have found when looking for recipes. When we open it we find a panel in which we can choose the type of ingredients, the type of dish and the time we want to spend cooking it. The application will offer us a list of suggestions based on our selection and, once the recipe has been chosen, it shows the card of the dish, the necessary ingredients and the explanation to prepare it.

Family Cooking

This app has a huge collection of simple and traditional recipes perfect for everyday life. All dishes are creations of the chef Javier Romero and are organized in a long list of categories ranging from healthy food to different types of meat, through legumes, pizzas or pastries. It also has the option of downloading some recipe books for free.

Cooking Recipes

Many kitchen lovers find that although they love to cook, they often run out of ideas, but with apps like Recipes for Cooking you’ll always have options. It has a collection of more than 35,000 recipes that you can filter by type of food, difficulty, duration, country of origin and even cost, to find the perfect dish for every occasion.

What do I cook today?

Another app of recipes so that we never run out of ideas. With a total of 5,000 recipes, ¿Qué cocino hoy? bets on simple dishes that have also been created by the community of users so, if you feel like it, you can also upload your own creations. The recipe card is very complete and has both voice prompts and videos in many cases.

Thermomix Recipes

If you have Thermomix, Google Play there are also plenty of apps with recipes adapted to this cooking robot and this is one of the most popular. It has more than 1,500 recipes from the blog Cocina con Thermomix and is gradually being expanded as new recipes are published. The downside is that it doesn’t have a classification by category, but it does integrate a search engine in order to find the right recipe.

Let them bring it to me.

Cooking is fine, but it doesn’t always feel like it. It may also be the case that the stoves are not your thing and you prefer to delegate that task to someone who controls more. In either case, ordering food at home is a convenient and, if you choose well, delicious solution.

Just Eat

Unless you’ve been living under a stone, you sure know the app Just Eat. Simply activate the location or add the zip code to show us the nearest restaurants, once chosen just select the dishes you want and finalize the order to get us home directly. It also allows you to pay using card or Paypal.


Like Just Eat, Deliveroo is an app for ordering food from nearby restaurants. The structure is similar but the interface is much more careful and also shows the delivery time in each of the restaurants on the list. Another detail is that Deliveroo deliverymen move by bicycle and it is possible to track the location of the order.

We better eat out

It’s happened to all of us: we decided to eat out but we have no idea where to go or we don’t know the area. Years ago we would have had to try our luck, but nowadays we don’t get it anymore. With these apps, you will find the perfect restaurant.

Google Maps

The map app par excellence is also a huge database of restaurants around the world. All you have to do is search for the nearest places on the map, accompanied by other users’ ratings. Easy, isn’t it? What’s not so easy is choosing when the offer is wide, but it’s up to you.

The Fork

With El Tenedor you will be able to find the best restaurants in your area, but it also allows you to reserve a table so that you don’t get disappointed and you have to change places. The opinions of the users could not be absent either, key to enjoy a good gastronomic experience.


TripAdvisor is a travel platform with which you can learn details of hotels, flights, plans and of course restaurants. It is one of the most popular services, so it has countless opinions about many establishments around the world.


Unlike TripAdvisor, Yelp is a platform dedicated exclusively to opinions about restaurants and bars. It has a star rating system and allows you to add opinions with images included, so you can even know what the dishes look like.

Animals no, thank you

More and more conscientious people are deciding to do without food of animal origin. If you prefer to see animals at liberty rather than in the frying pan, try these apps:


Vegafinnity is a community for vegetarians and vegans that offers several utilities, starting with a long list of recipes uploaded by the users themselves. It also has a large food store and allows you to keep track of your diet.

Happy Cow

Although most restaurant search apps allow you to filter the results to see only vegetarian establishments, with Happy Cow you can be sure that all results will be suitable. In addition to restaurants, it also shows you food stores and places with vegetarian options.

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